Women Can Succeed in the Tech Industry — It Comes Down to Proactively Seeking Growth

Study from a recent survey shows that only 10% of women in tech actively pursue career growth — is this why only 5% of tech leaders are women?

Study of Tech Women

Why Does this Problem Exist?

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How Women Can Battle this Issue

Stop Self-deselecting

“Most women think that they have to meet all the requirements before they feel qualified enough to even apply/ask for a job. Men, however, project great confidence, and passion for the job and ask for it by citing their past successes, which often convinces the interviewers into giving the candidate a chance, even if the interviewee doesn’t meet all the criteria…Women self-deselect themselves from advancing in their jobs even before applying.” — Rama Akkiraju

Because of the fear of a “no”, women won’t even try to seek the opportunities they desire and deserve. Statistics from LinkedIn show that “women tend to screen themselves out of the conversation and end up applying to 20% fewer jobs than men.” This is because women are “16% less likely to apply to a job after viewing it than a man”. This pattern is what often holds women back from leadership roles in tech companies.

Take a Risk or Play it Safe?

“If you don’t try, you will neither fail nor succeed. The fear of failure is what often keeps both men and women from achieving their full potential in their careers”. — Avanti Ketkar

Even though women do not feel prepared or comfortable asking for a raise or promotion, they should get out of the comfort zone and ask. Research from LinkedIn states that “in order to apply for a job women feel they need to meet 100% of the criteria while men usually apply after meeting about 60%.” Even though it feels risky, women need to still find the strength to ask for opportunities they want.

Why This Is a Serious Problem

Stiff Competition in Tech