93% of tech leaders have a mentor. Only 20% of women had other women as mentors

Need for a Mentor

During my interview with the women tech leaders, a consistent theme I heard was that it was important to have a mentor. A mentor helps as a sounding board especially when you are faced with choices and you want to think through each of the choices with someone who is there just to encourage you with your career goals. A mentor is also someone who will hold you accountable to your own goals. …

80% of women in tech considered taking time off from work for parenting and 70% felt they couldn’t come back if they left.

In modern-day, we as a society believe that women are strong. They can be independent, they should be treated equal to men, and most importantly, they should get the same opportunities men have. But if we take a closer look at the expectations society sets for women’s role as mothers we see why so few women have a successful tech career.

I conducted a survey to find out how many women working in the tech industry with…

Study from a recent survey shows that only 10% of women in tech actively pursue career growth — is this why only 5% of tech leaders are women?

Study of Tech Women

Very few women in the tech industry proactively pursue career growth. Instead, they do good work and wait to be recognized and awarded promotions and raises. I conducted a survey asking men and women who worked in senior positions in the tech industry about whether they actively sought raises/promotions in their careers. 50% of men said they did, whereas only 10% of women said they had done so. Could this be the reason why only 5% of tech leaders are women?

Why Does this Problem Exist?

As a girl who has dreams of an ambitious tech career, I was surprised to see this disparity between…

Insights from six women tech leaders who have broken the glass ceiling

Photo by the author.

Many Girls Are Studying Computer Science, Yet Few Are Becoming Tech Leaders

The number of women in the tech industry is staggeringly low. Only 25% of all IT jobs are held by women. Only 5% of tech leaders are women. Does it take a miracle for a woman to become a tech leader? As a junior in high school trying to pursue a career in computer science, the looming question in my head was “How does one beat the odds to climb up the tech ladder?”

I decided to unearth these secrets by interviewing six women to learn about their journey climbing to the top of the tech world. After they shared…

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