93% of tech leaders have a mentor. Only 20% of women had other women as mentors

Need for a Mentor

During my interview with the women tech leaders, a consistent theme I heard was that it was important to have a mentor. A mentor helps as a sounding board especially when you are faced…

80% of women in tech considered taking time off from work for parenting and 70% felt they couldn’t come back if they left.

In modern-day, we as a society believe that women are strong. They can be independent, they should be treated equal to men, and most importantly, they should…

Study of Tech Women

Very few women in the tech industry proactively pursue career growth. Instead, they do good work and wait to be recognized and awarded promotions and raises. I conducted a survey asking men and women who worked in senior positions in the tech industry about whether they actively sought raises/promotions in…

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Many Girls Are Studying Computer Science, Yet Few Are Becoming Tech Leaders

The number of women in the tech industry is staggeringly low. Only 25% of all IT jobs are held by women. Only 5% of tech leaders are women. Does it take a miracle for a woman to become a tech leader? …

Anjali Satish

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